FSNextTV: Sunny Odogwu

FSNextTV: Sunny Odogwu

Sunny Odogwu elected to attend Hargrave Military in an effort to boost his stock as a college prospect and ensure he had what it took to pass the muster of the NCAA clearinghouse. With the season nearly over, Odogwu is on pace to reach bother of his goals. See footage of Odogwu in action in this FOXSportsNext video presentation.

Sunny Odogwu is still relatively new to the game of football, but he appears to be a quick study.

While Odogwu is still very raw in his development, it is clear that he has the skill set and potential to be a very productive offensive lineman on the college level.

Blessed with great size, long arms, quick feet and active hands, Odogwu has a high ceiling.

He is not an immediate impact guy, but after a couple of years in a college weight room and under the direction of college coaches, Odogwu could be an absolute monster.

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