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A Bedlam Loss That's Tough To Accept

Joseph Randle

A year ago, those in Orange felt the euphoria and it was great. Well, Bedlam may be better in the eyes of the media, but it is the same for those that play it, coach it, and live it. I saw and felt the extreme pain during a postgame interview with Joseph Randle when he says, "I want to say the right things, but right now I'm hurting so much because we lost this game, and I can't get past that."

In other words, Randle was having a hard time even communicating. Head coach Mike Gundy said it well, the bigger and better you become, the harder it is to deal with these losses. For Cowboys fans who don't play but emotionally invest it is also more difficult because the emotional investment has grown. "The better your program gets, the more success you have, the more highly regarded you are... Recommended Stories