Buddy Brumit: In Tucson, Arizona...

Top 100 & No. 3 Center in Texas

Garland C prospect Buddy Brumit will follow through with his prior commitment to check out Arizona (first to offer) unofficially July 26 (a Tuesday), and return early, early Thursday (July 28) morning. The scappy OL gives himself the piece of mind he has been searching for since turning away from an Arizona staff he felt he identified and bonded with the most before opting for Texas Tech. Will it be the Cats or Raiders? Go inside to read this free preview story as he hits Zona today...

Buddy Brumit, a blonde-haired country boy whom you might expect to answer to the name, "Bubba," as much as you would "Buddy, can you pass the biscuits and gravy," is quite the character. Seemingly the above description fits the kid like a glove. But then a closer look at the DFW urban "Get In Where You Fit In" Garland high school prospect just might show a little more. I mean while the country twang comes out when he talks about the "89 Ford F150" he sports, "with a 10-inch lift kit," it's easy to detect a hip-hop influence when he talks about his F150 "rolling on 33s" and "jamming to some Jamaican Rap or 50 Cent," not to mention the fun he says he has when "hanging out with his teammates in the hood."

All of the above shows that Buddy can just about find himself at home wherever he winds up. And, after concluding his unofficial visit to Wildcat country where you can bet your bottom dollar (Arizona O-Line) Coach Wolfie will pull out all stops to keep Brumit from heading to the Hub City, we will find out a lot more regarding his decision making-process in terms of picking the right fit, school, etc. for him.

"I can tell you right now that Arizona's chances are slim to none without seeing it," said Brumit who likens his popularity to Scout.com's promoting his D-I prospects after evaluating him in the Spring. "But I have heard the campus and facilities are awesome and so I can't wait to check it out. If it blows me away, this could get really, really tough."

As you read this, unless you're a night owl, just to put this in perspective timeline-wise Buddy is already on this unofficial visit as we speak, and will return Thursday.

That said the Red Raiders are in fact the team in the best position to land a solid commitment, not to mention ink the 6-2.5, 287-pound center this Signing Day. After all, he even said as much when telling Scout.com, "Ultimately, Tech really has me because of my family situation not many are aware of. But I will honor my prior commitment, which was to go to Arizona with an open mind. Obviously then, I can move forward with my commitment to Tech being solid or changing my mind and going with Arizona, probably the only school that really ever had a chance of getting me before I decided Tech might be better for me and my situation."

Will it be the Cats or the Raiders? We will find out, this Thursday, or Friday, according to Brumit, or will we? After all, it remains to be seen if he can come back from Tucson and fully end the suspense. Regardless, Raider Power/Cat Tracks and Scout.com will have that for you as soon as we learn anything...

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